About Senior Relocation USA

We Specialize in Senior Moves...from the Home Sale to the Transition!

Senior Moves Simplified with Senior Relocation USA

We ease the burden and lighten the load for seniors and their families who are planning a move. From downsizing to selling the house to making the transition, Senior Relocation USA is designed to take the hassle out of senior moves.

We are a nationwide home sale and transition service that connects seniors and their families with:

  • A Senior Relocation Concierge™, your advocate and source of guidance through the entire home sale process
  • Two carefully screened and surveyed senior-focused, local real estate agents to interview and choose from
  • Referrals to senior move managers to assist with the downsizing and transition process
  • A Cash Back Bonus of up to $3,300 (in most states) after the house is sold

Whether you’re planning a move into a retirement community or a family member’s house, we understand the stress that comes with a life change such as this. That’s why we’re committed to pairing you with professionals who take senior moves seriously.

So what are you waiting for? Click below to learn even more about how Senior Relocation USA assists with senior moves.

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